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In November I returned from Oregon with an old hard drive.  These are just some of the old photos. I rarely get into my own videos. But in this one you can see pics of me from 1967. I am positive that I look younger and happier in Ecuador.


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Sunday Afternoon In Cuenca

The first couple of shots and the video were taken near the Windhorse Cafe.  I was on my way home on a bus when a parade on 3 de Noviembre stopped the bus. I got off and walked and took the rest of the video. Great afternoon in Cuenca.

sunday parade

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Años Viejos

I love this time of year in Cuenca when you see all the mask vendors. The video below is just a sample of one vendor selling their wares.


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My theory of a great digital shot goes like this. 40% is using a good DSLR and a good lens. 40% is knowing how to use the camera and taking shots at different angles with different settings. Most beginning photographers never use more than 1/2 of the camera’s features. 20% is knowing how to use a good digital editing piece of software. I use iPhoto and Aperture to fine tune a shot.  These 30 photos are in my opinion the best of 3000 photos that I snapped since getting the Canon T4I on Nov.1, 2012.

utterly cow

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Yesterday (Dec. 24th) was a photographer’s dream. The usually camera shy Cuencanos were more than happy for you to snap their picture.  In between shots I was able to capture some video footage. My favorite part of this short video starts at 1:06 and in my opinion reflects the tranquility of the children.  There’s a 4 year old holding a red flag and is trying his best to go with the beat of the other dancers. Feliz Navidad a todos.

Screenshot 12:25:12 10:58 AM

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Yowza would be not strong enough to describe the “Parade of The Children” on Christmas Eve in Cuenca.  The floats and marchers line up about 5:30 to get a good spot and then march almost 2 miles to Parque Calderon. This year Sharon and I watched the parade at the Moca Cafe on Gran Colombia. What amazed me besides the unique handmade costumes and floats was the patience of the children.  Fantastic family event in Cuenca.

pad de nino 2

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I usually have a favorite shot in my slideshows , the cow costume almost won but my favorite is the picture below.  Which shot is your favorite?

shoe shine long shot

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