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Obviously I have not been posting to this site on a regular basis. I’m going to post some timely photos and video to my other blog that I  update on a regular basis.


All future posts will be on CuencaTechLife.

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utterly cow


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Faces Of The Tomebamba

I love living by the river. I walk or bus to El Centro everyday and the bus and I follow the Tomembamba to town.

tome bridge

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Cuenca Street Art

Walk down any street in Cuenca and you will see the works of talented artists. Some of the street art is commissioned by the City of Cuenca but, the majority are the masterpieces of first time painters. Below are some photos and a video of my favorites.

wall art



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Cuenca Churches

So many beautiful churches in Cuenca. Can you name them all?


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Every Dec.24th Cuenca hosts the giant parade of the children. It’s estimated that over 100,000 people participate in the parade. Cars, trucks, vans and pedestrians line up before dawn to parade almost 2 miles to the Central Park in Cuenca. Cuencanos are usually a little camera shy but on this day everyone poses. There’s almost as many vendors as there are participants. This is our third parade since moving down from Oregon and today the temperature hit 80 degrees which is hot for Cuenca. Enjoy the photos and video.

little doll





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I found some interesting shots mostly of Cuenca but a few from our Galapagos Islands trip.  Enjoy the video




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Drum Roll. The voting is over. The Judge(that would be me) has voted on the following photos. Except for 2 photos that were taken in the Galapagos Islands all the other photos were shot in Cuenca.  Enjoy.


shoe shine



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