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Random People Shots

Most of my videos are of Cuenca, my wife’s garden, and the cats.  Today I randomly selected people shots (old and new). Enjoy the video

sharon sew


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The video below is a collection of grandchildren, ex-students from Brentwood, NY and Cuenca children.  Enjoy

aloretta3 DSC_0158_3 grandson12464141100879634860 SAM_6656

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Pop Quiz Cuenca Video Life viewers.  Can you name the 5 rivers in the video. Hint: 2 are in Ecuador. 2 are in Oregon and 1 is in Idaho.

tome bridge

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In November I returned from Oregon with an old hard drive.  These are just some of the old photos. I rarely get into my own videos. But in this one you can see pics of me from 1967. I am positive that I look younger and happier in Ecuador.


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My theory of a great digital shot goes like this. 40% is using a good DSLR and a good lens. 40% is knowing how to use the camera and taking shots at different angles with different settings. Most beginning photographers never use more than 1/2 of the camera’s features. 20% is knowing how to use a good digital editing piece of software. I use iPhoto and Aperture to fine tune a shot.  These 30 photos are in my opinion the best of 3000 photos that I snapped since getting the Canon T4I on Nov.1, 2012.

utterly cow

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Signs Of Portland

Had a lot of fun photographing the different signs.  I think I’ll take a short video of the signs of Cuenca when I return.

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Portland Buildings

Before moving to Cuenca I spent 21 years in the Portland Metro Area. I love the architecture in downtown Portland. In the video you can see buildings that are 110 years old next to sky scrapers that are less than 10 years old.

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