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Cuenca is fast becoming a city known for its diverse restaurants.  El Meson Español  is a Spanish Restaurant located on Benigno Malo and Juan Jarimillo. The restaurant features Spanish Food from Barcelona.  Last week, Dani one of the owners booked a superb Flamenco Dancing Group from Guayaquil. They were marvelous and the food was fantastic.

Every seat in the  restaurant was taken. Besides the great dancers there was a terrific band entertaining between the Dancers. Definitely put El Meson Español on your must see list of restaurants.


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Last Wednesday Sharon and I were treated to great Jazz at The CK. Unfortunately, I was too close to the speakers so the original sound was too fractured.  I dubbed the audio from the artist’s CD.  Enjoy


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One of the best kept secrets in Cuenca is the Amcry Swiss Restaurant.  It’s off the beaten track. I thought I would help future patrons of the Restaurant find their way with a video using Google Maps. Amcry is a must visit if you like great food.


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I had the privilege of shooting a video of Beda Zimmermann, the owner and head chef at Amcry Swiss Restaurant in Cuenca.  Most of us just want to enjoy a good meal. In the video below you get to see firsthand what 30 + years of culinary experience can produce. Run, don’t walk and make your reservations for this delicious meal.  You can see the Amcry website for more specials.

amcry rest.

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Solo En Cuenca

There were 10 of us (6 customers 4 staff) in the Wind Horse Cafe when a young casually dressed Argentine walks in and asks if we might like to hear his music.  I was thinking how in the U.S. the young musician would have 2 chances(slim and none) of playing in a restaurant in the middle of a lunch hour.

He took out what seemed to be a whole orchestra and entertained us for 15 minutes. Me gusta mucho Cuenca.

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DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU CAN’T GET TO A CUENCA RESTAURANT –  The following restaurants in Cuenca provided the delicious samples.

  • California Kitchen
  • Amcry Swiss Restaurant
  • Sofy’s Orchard
  • Windhorse Cafe
  • Banana’s

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One of the best parts of living in Cuenca is experiencing new places, foods and people.  The foods are from the California Kitchen, Amcry Swiss Restaurant and Windhorse Cafe. The plants are Sharon’s new project. And, I never get tired of taking pictures of the churches and rivers in Cuenca.

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