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I was all over El Centro today. I walked from San Blas to the Flower Market. It does not seem too far when you have all these great subjects to photograph. Most of the shots were taken around noon so the colors are especially intense.

My next digital editing class is Wednesday June 5th.  Details are here.

shoe shine cop and bus

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Una Yapa

Once or twice a week I travel to the Mercado Diez de Agosto on Calle Larga. For over a year I shop exclusively at a fruit stand owned by Gladys.  She speaks no English and often mixes her sentences with Kichwa, a language spoken mostly by indigenous people.  I always buy papayas and strawberries and let her talk me into some of  her other wares. I usually end up with some avocados or oranges.  I prefer the Chilean navel oranges.  In season they are usually 5 for $1.

Today, the oranges were 3 for a $1 and I told her carisimo which is Spanish for expensive. Her reply was “seise para dos dolores y una yapa.  A “yapa” is Kichwa for a gift or something like a “bakers dozen”.  In any case I got my seventh orange and Gladys made the sale. That’s Gladys taking the fruit off the scale.

Gladys y yapa

mercado fruit

The total cost for the 7 navel oranges, 3 papayas and a pound of strawberries was $4

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Lots of interesting subjects in and around El Centro.

campo chica

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Panama Hat Factory

Today Sharon and I took a tour of the Serrano Hat Factory.  Our friend Maria Elena’s father started the hat factory in 1905. The Panama  Hat was created and is still made mainly in Ecuador.  President Teddy Roosevelt wore the hat while touring the Panama Canal and  the name stuck. The hat is made essentially the same way it was made over 100 years ago. Enjoy the video

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