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The sun is shining and the market’s are brimming with fresh fruits and veggies. Had a great time showing some Aussie friends Cuenca. Unfortunately, the rivers are low.


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After  more rainy days in Cuenca than I prefer the sun is out and feeling great. Enjoy the video.

IMG_3123 IMG_3141 IMG_3151

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5 days before Cuenca’s Birthday and the city is busy sprucing everything up.  The last of the construction is being finished on Ave. Solano and the vendors are starting to open up early all over the city.


IMG_9259 IMG_9225 IMG_9187 IMG_9134

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For some reason this morning I was missing the many vendors that I see on my daily walk in Cuenca. Especially the wheelbarrow vendors. Enjoy the video.


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Great day for a walk and snapping people and graffiti photos

IMG_8705 IMG_8710 IMG_8721

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Lots of people on the streets of El Centro. Second full day of Corpus Christi. Walked to Hunya Capac and as usual enjoyed taking photos of the street vendors. An unusual amount of rain has the Tomebamba River running fast.

IMG_7882 IMG_7845 IMG_7987

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I was all over El Centro today. I walked from San Blas to the Flower Market. It does not seem too far when you have all these great subjects to photograph. Most of the shots were taken around noon so the colors are especially intense.

My next digital editing class is Wednesday June 5th.  Details are here.

shoe shine cop and bus

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