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Cuenca Street Art

Walk down any street in Cuenca and you will see the works of talented artists. Some of the street art is commissioned by the City of Cuenca but, the majority are the masterpieces of first time painters. Below are some photos and a video of my favorites.

wall art



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5 days before Cuenca’s Birthday and the city is busy sprucing everything up.  The last of the construction is being finished on Ave. Solano and the vendors are starting to open up early all over the city.


IMG_9259 IMG_9225 IMG_9187 IMG_9134

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For some reason this morning I was missing the many vendors that I see on my daily walk in Cuenca. Especially the wheelbarrow vendors. Enjoy the video.


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Avenida Solano is one of the the main avenues for car, bus and pedestrian traffic. Construction crews are busy repairing the sidewalks, burying the utilities and paving over the cobblestone.  The outcome is going to benefit everyone. During the walk of the construction area I was treated so some artistic graffiti.  Enjoy.

IMG_2873 IMG_2876 IMG_2877IMG_2878

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Great day for a walk and snapping people and graffiti photos

IMG_8705 IMG_8710 IMG_8721

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I thank Sharon, my wife,  everyday for taking this adventure of a lifetime. Below are some photos and a video of our time and observations of Cuenca.

sharon sew sharon y curry 7373526958_36f15ab738_b

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I know June is not over yet but I needed something to do on a rainy afternoon.  My favorite remains the St.Alphonsus Church.


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