2013 Best Photos

Drum Roll. The voting is over. The Judge(that would be me) has voted on the following photos. Except for 2 photos that were taken in the Galapagos Islands all the other photos were shot in Cuenca.  Enjoy.


shoe shine




Two days in Cuenca

The sun is shining and the market’s are brimming with fresh fruits and veggies. Had a great time showing some Aussie friends Cuenca. Unfortunately, the rivers are low.


Two Minutes In Cuenca

Some random shots of Cuenca in Sept, Oct and the first 11 days of November. Enjoy the video

IMG_9427 IMG_9436 IMG_9442

After  more rainy days in Cuenca than I prefer the sun is out and feeling great. Enjoy the video.

IMG_3123 IMG_3141 IMG_3151

5 days before Cuenca’s Birthday and the city is busy sprucing everything up.  The last of the construction is being finished on Ave. Solano and the vendors are starting to open up early all over the city.


IMG_9259 IMG_9225 IMG_9187 IMG_9134

The City of Cuenca just finished a year long renovation of the Park. An underground parking log, some great playground equipment. A mini zip line and great running track are some of the new additions.  Enjoy the video.

IMG_8977 IMG_9004 IMG_9007

Random People Shots

Most of my videos are of Cuenca, my wife’s garden, and the cats.  Today I randomly selected people shots (old and new). Enjoy the video

sharon sew