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Richard, Taylor, Sharon and I went for a wonderful BBQ with new Argentinian friends West of Cuenca. We had great food and heard a fabulous musician sing and play his guitar. Videos are below.

Richard, Taylor, Sharon in Kitchen

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I engaged this talented Juggler on the corner of Solano and Doce de Abril.  The Jugglers are usually from Cuenca or Colombia.  This fellow was from Argentina.  As you can see from the video he is very talented.

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Solo En Cuenca

There were 10 of us (6 customers 4 staff) in the Wind Horse Cafe when a young casually dressed Argentine walks in and asks if we might like to hear his music.  I was thinking how in the U.S. the young musician would have 2 chances(slim and none) of playing in a restaurant in the middle of a lunch hour.

He took out what seemed to be a whole orchestra and entertained us for 15 minutes. Me gusta mucho Cuenca.

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