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Great day for a walk and snapping people and graffiti photos

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I have been riding the bus lines in Cuenca for almost two years. I play a little game with myself each time I get on the bus. After about 2 minutes on the bus I give the bus driver a rating of 1-10.  “1” is a bus driver that you would gladly put your grandparent on the bus.  A “2” you would put your parent on the bus. A “3” you would put your unescorted small child on the bus. I won’t bore you with all the numbers but a “5” is a fast but fairly safe ride. A “7” is one in which you try to remember if your life insurance is up to date. A “9” is a bus driver that probably bribed the inspector for his license and a “10” is a driver that has a death wish.

I’ve actually been on a bus where the driver completely went off the scale and was immediately given an “11” To this day I still think we were on 3 wheels when we took the curve on Doce de Abril cerca Otorongo Plaza.

For me the bus lines in Cuenca have been reliable and very affordable. I wish getting on and off the bus was a little easier but for sure every ride on the bus is an adventure.

New buses are coming online. They are red and blue. Better seats but unfortunately the diesel emissions are still dirty. I’m really looking forward to the light rail system in Cuenca. Completion time line is sometime in 2015.


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