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5 days before Cuenca’s Birthday and the city is busy sprucing everything up.  The last of the construction is being finished on Ave. Solano and the vendors are starting to open up early all over the city.


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Avenida Solano is one of the the main avenues for car, bus and pedestrian traffic. Construction crews are busy repairing the sidewalks, burying the utilities and paving over the cobblestone.  The outcome is going to benefit everyone. During the walk of the construction area I was treated so some artistic graffiti.  Enjoy.

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The construction project started in November 2011 and was expected to be completed in a year.  The Big Dig as its been called is coming in almost 2 months ahead of schedule and under budget.

I will miss being able to walk to Supermarket without any traffic or watching out for cars. El Presidente will be traveling from Quito to Cuenca for the opening of the roadway.

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One of the great parts of living in Cuenca is that there is something happening on every corner.  Walk in El Centro and you will find Vendors, Entertainers and music. Walk home and you will run into your favorite cow.

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