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Drum Roll. The voting is over. The Judge(that would be me) has voted on the following photos. Except for 2 photos that were taken in the Galapagos Islands all the other photos were shot in Cuenca.  Enjoy.


shoe shine



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Pop Quiz Cuenca Video Life viewers.  Can you name the 5 rivers in the video. Hint: 2 are in Ecuador. 2 are in Oregon and 1 is in Idaho.

tome bridge

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Street Scenes

I have a hard fast rule. Never leave home in Cuenca without a camera.  My favorite part of the video is the band of horses that suddenly appeared and crossed one of Cuenca’s busiest streets.

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I grew up in Brooklyn, New York in the 1950’s.  There were always sounds that you could identify with a big city.  The clanging of coal down a bin. The honking of a city bus horn, the banter of street vendors.  Cuenca reminds me a lot of my childhood in Brooklyn.  The bakeries, the neighborhood churches, and the street vendors.  The second video is longer than I usually shoot but I think you’ll enjoy it.

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