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Sharon, my wife has invested many hours in planting our house garden. She has a theme of succulents on the wall and has also planted kale and swiss chard to eat. I have a modest collection of cacti. It’s fun and really enhances the look of the house. Enjoy the video

grass cacti

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El Jardin

Many thanks to my cariño Sharon for purchasing and nurturing our garden. Many hours of enjoyment sitting by and photographing the plants.

IMG_8863 IMG_8861

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Mi Jardin 7/24

Some new plants and blooming roses.

IMG_8765 IMG_8768 IMG_8769

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Garden & Balcony

The last couple of days were perfect to shoot some photos of the plants, flowers and kitties.

IMG_8605 Curry - 6 Month Old Kitty

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Rain In The Garden

The last couple of days has brought a lot of rain in Cuenca. I was looking out my office and the rain made me happy. Although Cuenca is my home now the green of the garden reminded me of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. The wonderful part is that in Ecuador 90% of the electricity is generated by hydro power so the rain is muy bueno.


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A quick video of some of the plants in our garden and of a great Nursery we visited.


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