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Faces Of The Tomebamba

I love living by the river. I walk or bus to El Centro everyday and the bus and I follow the Tomembamba to town.

tome bridge

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A short video and photos of my Sunday walk down the Tomebamba River on Doce de Abril. Great river and graffiti  shots.




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May 24th Walk

I walked part of the new Tomebamba Barranco and then up the new escalera to Calle Larga. My favorite woman fruit vendor is always a class photo.

calle larga vendor


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Rio Tomebamba

It’s no secret that I love shooting photos and videos. I used to live 20 meters from the Yanuncay River.  Now I live 60 meters from the Tomebamba River and each day when I walk to El Centro I walk along the banks of the Tomebamba running West to East. As of this shooting in Sept/October 2012 the river is running low.

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One of the best parts of living in Cuenca is experiencing new places, foods and people.  The foods are from the California Kitchen, Amcry Swiss Restaurant and Windhorse Cafe. The plants are Sharon’s new project. And, I never get tired of taking pictures of the churches and rivers in Cuenca.

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