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5 days before Cuenca’s Birthday and the city is busy sprucing everything up.  The last of the construction is being finished on Ave. Solano and the vendors are starting to open up early all over the city.


IMG_9259 IMG_9225 IMG_9187 IMG_9134


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For some reason this morning I was missing the many vendors that I see on my daily walk in Cuenca. Especially the wheelbarrow vendors. Enjoy the video.


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Some of my favorites are the elderly gentlemen eacting his Cerviche on the street right next to the vendors stand,  the black and white rendition of the shoe shine vendor and the orange juice vendor who I see everyday on Solano.


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One of the great parts of living in Cuenca is that there is something happening on every corner.  Walk in El Centro and you will find Vendors, Entertainers and music. Walk home and you will run into your favorite cow.

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Street Scenes

I have a hard fast rule. Never leave home in Cuenca without a camera.  My favorite part of the video is the band of horses that suddenly appeared and crossed one of Cuenca’s busiest streets.

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I grew up in Brooklyn, New York in the 1950’s.  There were always sounds that you could identify with a big city.  The clanging of coal down a bin. The honking of a city bus horn, the banter of street vendors.  Cuenca reminds me a lot of my childhood in Brooklyn.  The bakeries, the neighborhood churches, and the street vendors.  The second video is longer than I usually shoot but I think you’ll enjoy it.

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